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Most people don't really enjoy thinking about end-of-life topics, but the wise person will realize that the chances of making it off the planet alive are slim to none, and commit to investing in a responsible plan for themselves and their dependants.

Life insurance covers a gamut of categories, from a beginner policy for the newborn that can be transferred at age 21, to a basic "burial policy" that we have come to need due to the high cost of funerals and related services and products.   Financial planners can design 
complex retirement packages of "paid-up life policies," combined with fancy annuities and various retirement plans such as 401K's, IRA's, long-term-care insurance and the like.  Be careful, though, when you sit down with a financial planner, because some of them will only recommend the companies or plans they are affiliated with, whether or not it is really your best option.  That is why, again, the saavy insurance shopper will compare a variety of options, no matter how good of friends or how "connected" you are to the agent/planner.  Also, be sure to check their credentials, because some financial planners are not even certified, even though they may claim to be.

If your employer offers a fairly decent plan, its usually a given to enroll in that, at least, and then add or supplement as much as you can afford to as time goes on.  Remember, shop and compare! A good place to begin your search is with the company that handles your home and/or auto policy.  Many times, the larger companies handle them all, and their sophistication and volume allow for some impressive bargains.


According to the law of the land, carrying auto insurance is not an option in the U. S. if we choose to drive. There are hundreds of choices when it comes to deductibles, coverage and types of policies available, along with hundreds of insurance companies that sell auto insurance. 

Start here first, then shop the web and your local market:


Homeowner's or renter's insurance
is most often also not an option.  Homes that are financed, and some landlords, require that the homeowner or tenant carry insurance.


Most nationwide carriers handle the four insurance groups, plus rentor's insurance. We recommend that you shop them all, because you will find a vast array of options and prices.  Be aware, though, that your credit score may be affected each time a company pulls your FICO score for insurance quote purposes, so be sure to ask the agent when you begin your shopping process 1) Whether or not, or how much, the price of their quote is based on your FICO score and 2) Whether or not their inquiry will be a "soft or hard hit." Most times if you can provide your own verified credit score, that is just a soft hit.

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